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My birthday wish: Help Radia go to school

October 23, 2016

Earlier this month, I started a fundraiser for my birthday to help Radia, a 12-year old Syrian refugee girl, to go to school. My goal is to raise 600$ before November 19, to sponsor Radia through Karam Foundation so that she can go to school for an entire year in Turkey. I’m more than halfway there! If you have a moment, please read Radia’s story below, and if you can/want to donate 5$, 10$ or more, please visit my fundraiser page here! Thank you so so much!

Radia left her home in Idlib 2 years ago with her family, to escape the heavy bombardment and violence in her city. She currently lives in southern Turkey, in a neighborhood near the Syria-Turkey border. Her mother works as a maid in an orphanage, and her father collects garbage. Her 2 younger brothers, Absi and Mohammad, have been working odd jobs to support the family. Thanks to Karam Foundation, she and her 2 brothers are able to go back to school this year! But they need sponsors to be able to stay in school and continue their education. Each child only needs 50$ per month to stay in school. I created a fundraising page with Karam Foundation, to raise 600$ for Radia. If you can help me reach that goal, Radia can go to school for a whole year. If we can raise more, I can sponsor her 2 younger brothers too!

Radia just started 5th grade and wants to be a doctor someday. I would love to help her fulfill that dream.
Please help me sponsor Radia by donating to my birthday wish fundraiser, as little or as much as you want! Every little dollar helps. Any support you can provide is so appreciated.
Thank you so much for your generosity. I love you!

More on Karam Foundation:
There are 1 million Syrian refugee children in the world today. Karam is sponsoring over 200 Syrian refugee children to attend school. Some of the children are in child labor; all of them live in extreme poverty. Karam’s ‘Sponsor a Syrian refugee family’ program combines the latest developments in humanitarian aid proven to make the most effective impact on refugee families who have lost everything: cash support + education. Every refugee family who joins the program receives a monthly stipend on the condition that they send their kids to school.




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    Great idea Nour.!

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      Thank you Angelo 🙂

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