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November 25, 2017

Bali Visual Toolbox / Little curiosities found in offerings

Every day, Balinese Hindus prepare offerings called Canang sari, to thank Acintya, the Supreme God of Indonesian Hinduism. Perhaps one of my favorite things about Bali was stumbling upon these while wandering the streets. It’s fascinating how intricate and creative they can be! I especially loved finding ones that had new elements I hadn’t seen before. It became a little bit of a treasure hunt. I usually look for visual inspiration for illustration in more ‘traditional’ graphic elements – signage, packaging, posters, architecture – specially in Europe and the West, where things are more intentionally ‘designed’. But here, these little guys became my source of inspiration. This made me think about the impact travel can have on the process of observing and creating, and how much the exploration of new cultures has been feeding my personal creative process and work.

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